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Hug long, Hug often

13 number of times a person craves for a hug in a day

9.5   number of seconds an average hug lasts

20  number of seconds for a hug to have medical healing properties


They say hugs are the ultimate cure for any kind of problems one faces. All anyone wants is a tight embrace from their loved ones to take their woes away.

Like every other feeling has a day dedicated to it. Hugs have one too. It is known as National Hug Day or National Hugging Day that is celebrated every year on January 21.

The act of hugging also helps in fighting fatigue and lowers the risk of various heart-related ailments.

This day was created back in 1986 by a man called Kevin Zaborney in the USA's Michigan state. The reason why this particular day was chosen was due to the fact that it fell right in between Christmas and Valentine's Day. Initially began in the USA, Zaborney wanted to encourage the public that it is perfectly fine to be embraced by your family, friends, and significant other in order to feel loved and accepted.

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